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Demystifying The Word

The stories recorded in the Bible are not solely factual accounts but symbolic ones from which we can extract numerous themes and lessons applicable to our daily lives.

Luvhani demystifies the symbolic meanings behind biblical events, illustrating how these interpretations can enrich and deepen our understanding of the Word of God

What to Expect

God's Image

“Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness…” Understanding the nature of God is fundamental in comprehending our own identity. The bible depicts a plethora of scenarios which reveal the nature and image of God. Explore God’s image and how we embody his likeness.

The Cross

The Cross stands as the symbol that sets Christianity apart from other religions. Delve into the events leading up to and following the crucifixion of Jesus, unraveling the profound symbolism encapsulated within this momentous event.

Daily Living

The Bible serves as an extensive repository that unveils insights into human nature and the various stages we encounter in life. A deep dive into these aspects is shared alongside interpretations aligned with biblical teachings.

Love & Relationships

Relationships play a fundamental role in our daily existence, encompassing interactions with spouses, family members, colleagues, friends, and members of our community. These relational intricacies are uncovered through biblical narratives, offering valuable insights on how we ought to navigate our interactions with one another.

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Welcome! This blog was born from my passion for uncovering biblical truths. The articles featured here are carefully curated through contemplation of God’s word, reflections on personal experiences, and those shared by others.

Luvhani Tshikororo

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