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Discover The Best Fasting Guide For Supernatural Results

For every follower of Christ, fasting is a spiritual practice expected as part of our faith journey and spiritual lifestyle (Matthew 6:16). In this article, I delve into the Esther Fast, a three-day fasting practice involving the abstention from both food and water. At the end of the article I also share a downloadable guide showcasing what I adhere to during the three days.

This form of fasting is documented in the book of Esther, which recounts the story of Esther, a Jewish woman elevated to the position of queen in the Persian Empire. Upon learning of a plot to exterminate her fellow Jewish people, she instructed them to observe a three-day fast. Through the miraculous power of God, the plans were completely thwarted, showcasing the efficacy of fasting and prayer. Below is the guideline I personally adhere to when undertaking the Esther Fast.

Before the Fast

  • Identify the specific area of concern in which you seek to invoke God’s intervention.
  • It is advisable to record this in a prayer journal a day or a few days prior to commencing the fast. For instance, you could write: “My grandmother is in poor health,” clearly articulating the present circumstance for which you are seeking God’s involvement.

Fasting Day 1: Petition

  • Initiate the fast by engaging in worship and praise in songs or prayer prayers to give honor God.
  • During your prayer, seek both physical and spiritual strength for the forthcoming three days.
  • Thereafter petition to Him your request or area of concern and him for spiritual wisdom and divine revelation. In our example a petition would be: “I want my grandmother to be healed of her sickness”.
  • Dedicate time to read and meditate on the Word in a quiet setting.
  • Record noteworthy verses and document your reflections, as well as any divine revelations, insights, or understanding imparted by God during this contemplative process.
Fasting and prayer

Fasting Day 2: Expectation

  • Continue to engage in prayer and study the word in a quiet setting.
  • Ask God for his guidance to gain clarity on your specific area of concern.
  • Expect to receive an answer or breakthrough on this day.
  • You may receive revelations and divine wisdom while journaling, reading, and contemplating on God’s word.

Fasting Day 3 – Thanksgiving

  • Thank God for the divine wisdom and understanding he has given to you.
  • Believe that the power of God is working so mightily to bring change in your area of concern.
  • Believe your request has been granted. Give thanks and praise to God. It is done!

After The Fast

  • You will encounter sense of lightness and tranquility.
  • Presently, it is your moment to embrace stillness and observe the transformative influence of divine intervention in your life.
  • The issues that have troubled you are not entrusted into the hands of God thus alleviating your worries.
  • Savor your fist mean, notice how your senses have been refreshed.

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