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Here Is The Most Fascinating Reason Why Jesus Is Personified As A Lion

When Jacob imparted his final words to his sons in Genesis 49, he metaphorically compared Judah to a lion. Notably, Jesus, the Son of God, descended from Judah’s lineage. This article delves into the defining trait that sets the tribe of Judah apart from the other 11 tribes. Additionally, it examines the lion’s characteristics to shed light on the qualities of the individuals descending from Judah’s line.

1. Judah The Sacrificial Son

The defining trait of men from the tribe of Judah is the willingness to sacrifice their life. In order to reconcile with humanity, God required someone willing to become a sacrifice to reunite God with mankind.

Judah demonstrates this quality by volunteering to be a slave in place of his brother, Jonathan. He faced imprisonment in Genesis 44:33-34 without realizing it was Joseph, his brother, testing him. Knowing how deeply their father, Jacob, loved Jonathan, Judah acted to spare him the anguish of learning that Jonathan was left in Egypt.

This situation symbolizes the sacrificial nature of Jesus. Jonathan embodies humanity, while Jacob represents our Heavenly Father. Just as Jacob cherished Jonathan (Genesis 44:20), our Heavenly Father loves us deeply (John 3:16). Judah sacrifices himself for Jonathan’s return to Jacob, mirroring how Jesus sacrificed himself for humanity to spare us from eternal death and to reconcile us with God the Father (John 3:17).

2. David The Sacrificial Shepherd

David, born from Judah’s lineage, demonstrates sacrificial qualities when he recounts to Saul the victories he achieved while caring for his father’s sheep and goats. He bravely describes how he endangered his life by defending his livestock against bears and lions.

And finally he goes to battle against the Philistine giant, Goliath, stoning him to death and ultimately cutting off his head just as Jacob prophesied that the tribe of Judah would grasp the enemy with its neck in Genesis 49:8.

3. Jesus The Ultimate Sacrifice

Jesus is the Messiah that will give the ultimate sacrifice for humanity’s sins by willingly dying on the cross so that humanity’s relationship with God may be restored. He emerges victorious by disarming the spiritual rulers and authorities and shamed them publicly by his victory over them on the cross (Colossians 2:15).

4. The Lion In The Animal Kingdom

The lion is the king in the animal kingdom. It’s sheer strength is characterized by devouring beasts larger than its size. With skill and formidable tact, it charges over it prey on the neck, killing it instantly.

A key characteristic of a lion is its sacrificial role in the animal kingdom. It’s contribution to the kingdom occurs when it dies. When a lion dies, its body decomposes, enriching the soil with nutrients. This nourished soil supports plant growth, ensuring the continuity of the ecological food chain.

Lion of of the tribe of Judah

5. Final Remarks

  • The lion will forever reign as the king of the animal kingdom, similar to how Christ is the King of His Father’s eternal Kingdom of Heaven
  • The lion holds the highest position in the food chain, being preyed upon by no other species but preying on a variety of others, reminiscent of Christ as the ultimate King
  • Judah’s lineage is a line of kings that culminates in Jesus Christ, the King of kings, whose scepter will never depart from His hand (Genesis 49:10)
  • A suitable offering for sin in the eyes of God requires a sacrifice involving death, as forgiveness of sin is dependent on blood. This is why God favored Abel’s sacrifice, as he presented the finest firstborn lambs from his flock (Genesis 4:4). It serves as a prelude to Jesus being portrayed as the flawless Lamb that is accepted by God.

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